Ethereum-aligned — technologically, philosophically & economically

Our community

Built by the community, for the community

Taiko is first and foremost a community — global, inclusive, and open to everyone. Together, we’re scaling Ethereum for the masses.



Our mission

We seek to extend Ethereum for the masses

Fun fact

  • Taiko's geth fork is minimally modified and 96% identical to Ethereum's

Our careers

Our team is rooted in a firm belief in the power and potential of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs)

The Taiko team has been building with ZKPs since 2018, with the distinction of having built the first ZK rollup on Ethereum. Our goal is to help build the default Ethereum scaling solution for users that seek the most frictionless onboarding experience, without compromising on security.

Our roles are remote, offer competitive compensation (cash + equity), and an opportunity to help scale Ethereum — a technology and ecosystem that is changing the world.

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