a based rollup

Inspired, secured, and sequenced by Ethereum

Taiko is:


  • seamless UX

    Taiko is an Ethereum-equivalent (Type 1) ZK-EVM, maximally compatible with Ethereum. No additional compiling, reaudits, or tooling needed. Everything works out of the box, guaranteed.

  • community-aligned

    We build with the support of our community and fully open-source. Meaning it's free to use and modify Taiko's source code with the permissive license.

  • security-first

    Taiko demands no additional trust assumptions to Ethereum. As a based rollup with a permissionless (& decentralized) proposer/prover network from Day 1, Taiko inherits Ethereum's level of decentralization.

  • based

    Taiko is a based rollup: the transaction sequencing on Taiko is done by Ethereum validators. Based sequencing is maximally simple and inherits Ethereum's liveness and credible neutrality.

Getting started with Taiko

  • Bridge your ETH

    You can bridge your ETH to Taiko using our native bridge or another ecosystem bridge. For a walkthrough, start with the user guide’s setup page.

  • Change RPC provider

    To configure your Ethereum tools to Taiko you'll just need to point your favorite builder tools to a Taiko RPC Provider.

  • Build with your usual developer tools

    Start building with your favorite developer toolkit.

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