Alpha-1 Testnet Guide
💧 Request from faucet

Request from faucet

These steps will help you receive testnet tokens from the faucet.


Request Ethereum A1 ETH

  1. Visit the L1 faucet (opens in a new tab) to receive Ethereum A1 ETH.

Request Taiko A1 ETH

  1. Visit the L2 faucet (opens in a new tab) to receive Taiko A1 ETH.

Request HORSE

  1. Visit the bridge (opens in a new tab).
  2. Select the network as Taiko A1 and the token dropdown as HORSE.
  3. Click the faucet button that appears.

Common problems

Testnet faucet shows error “unable to find Ethereum address.”

The Twitter API is hitting a rate limit. Because of this, the faucet can’t recognize the Ethereum address in your tweet.

To solve this, you will need to wait and try again. If you continue having problems, you can ask the community to send you testnet funds by sending your address to the Discord channel: 🪙︱manual-faucet.