Node troubleshooting

Node warning logs

You can ignore any WARN logs.

Node error logs

error: "Process new L1 blocks error"

You can ignore it, it will disappear when the node is fully synced.

error: "failed to check token balance: proposer does not have enough tko balance to propose"

You have not deposited enough TKO to pay the block fee. Deposit enough TKO from TKO token contracts. See enable a proposer for more info.

error: "failed to insert new head to L2 execution engine: missing trie node"

Make sure that your RPC is pointing to an Sepolia archive node, and not a full node.

error: "initialize rpc clients error"

The RPC in your config is incorrect. You have to set the ENDPOINT correctly. Please refer to the following page to set the correct RPC: (opens in a new tab).

error: "daily request count exceeded, request rate limited"

Your RPC provider has a limit on the number of requests. You can try using an RPC provider with higher limits or run your own Sepolia node which has no limit.

error: L1_BLOCK_ID

The block that you want to prove has already been verified, you can ignore this.


This block has been proven by someone else, but it's not verified yet, you can ignore it.

error: "failed to propose transactions: unable to find prover"

The proposer is not able to connect with a prover. By default, the prover endpoint is local so check your local prover first. If you are not running a local prover, select another prover from the prover market. Note: you may need to switch provers if your selected prover hits its max capacity.

Fatal: Failed to register the Ethereum service: database contains incompatible genesis

Try to remove the node with docker compose down -v and then try again.

Unhandled trie error: missing trie node

You can ignore this error, it doesn't affect you and goes away after a while.

Block batch iterator callback error; error="failed to fetch L2 parent block: not found

You can ignore this error.

Error starting ...: listen tcp4{port} bind: address already in use

The port is already in use by another service. You can either shut down the other program or change the port in the .env file.

error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value

Your IP address is being geo-blocked due to sanctions lists. If you're affected, try changing hosting locations or utilize a VPN to change your IP address.

ERROR: The Compose file './docker-compose.yml' is invalid because: Unsupported config option for some_service 'pull_policy'

Your docker installation is out of date. You need to update your docker compose installation: (opens in a new tab).

daemon docker is not running
Cannot connect to the Docker daemon

Need to start the Docker before running the commands.

database contains incompatible genesis

If you ran an alpha-1 testnet node make sure to first run a docker compose down -v to remove the old volumes.

Bind for failed: port already allocated

This error just means that the port taiko-node is trying to allocate is already being used by either some other node you're running or by a left-over container of taiko node if you did not close down the node correctly, you can try running docker compose down in the simple-taiko-node folder and start it again using docker compose up -d or edit the .env and replace the problematic port with a different one.

Failed to fetch L1Origin from L2 execution engine <br></br> err="not found"

This seems to be a common issue if you're using Alchemy endpoints, switching to Infura should fix this issue.

no configuration file provided: not found

This command is searching for the docker-compose.yml file. You are in the wrong directory, cd simple-taiko-node and run the command again.

Couldn't find env file

This command is searching for the .env file. You are in the wrong directory, cd simple-taiko-node and run the command again.

unknown shorthand flag: 'd' in -d

You are using v1 of docker-compose, use the command: docker-compose up -d instead of docker compose up -d, I highly recommend that you upgrade to the v2 of docker compose plugin Installation Guide (opens in a new tab)

docker: 'compose' is not a docker command

You are missing the docker compose plugin Installation Guide (opens in a new tab)

taiko_client_prover_relayer not printing any logs

There could be several reasons, you can check the logs docker compose logs -f to make sure there are no errors but one of the most common cause for this is a typo in the .env file ENABLE_PROVER=True/TRUE when setting this to true true has to be in all lowercase or the script to start relayer won't run.

no contract code at given address

When running a L3 node, users may run into this issue if their underlying L2 is still syncing. Please wait until your L2 is fully synced before starting your L3 node.

Failed to start Taiko client with error code 1 | project ID does not have access to archive state

The L1 node that the user is pointing to is not an archive node. Please change your RPC endpoint to point to an archive node.

simple-taiko-node-taiko_client_prover_relayer-1 | /bin/sh: /script/ not found

This issue occurs on windows because of the Control Characters in this case the Line Endings, a quick fix would be to delete the node folder, run this git config --global core.autocrlf false in the shell, then clone the repo again.

If you do not want to delete the node folder, please follow one of these steps below.

dial tcp: connect: connection refused

This means that you are not able to connect to the RPC endpoint. Check if you have a firewall up and that you are allowing those ports. For Ubuntu, this would be checked with sudo ufw status.

WARNING: Found orphan containers

You should not have orphan containers as the L2 and L3 image container names are different in each docker compose file. Check the node runner manual for a command to remove orphan containers.

WARN Snapshot extension registration failed err="peer connected on snap without compatible eth support"

You can safely ignore this "warn" level message, it simply means you just ignored a peer which is not a Taiko node.

PROPOSE_BLOCK_TX_GAS_TIP_CAP: parameter not set

A flag might not be set in your .env file. Copy the default .env file, then reset your RPC node and proposer with the updated flag values.

info: Skip an invalid proposed transaction reason="nonce too low

Scenario when the mempool is small and proposers are trying to propose the same transactions within an L1 block. The first proposer included on chain will successfully propose these transactions. However, all others proposer included transactions will end up with status propose empty blocks, since the proposed transactions will be filtered by nodes.