Integration manual

Integration manual

This manual will help you successfully integration into Taiko.

Taiko is an Ethereum-equivalent network, meaning integrating with Taiko should be as simple as using our RPC instead of an Ethereum L1 RPC.

RPC configuration

You can view the RPC configuration here.

Taiko ETH

To deploy on Taiko (opens in a new tab), you would need some ETH on Taiko.

You can get some Taiko ETH by bridging from Sepolia ETH to Taiko here (opens in a new tab).

Taiko brand assets

Find our official Taiko branding assets here (opens in a new tab).

Add or update your project on our Ecosystem page

Add or update your project on our Ecosystem page by raising a Github issue here (opens in a new tab)

This will take you to a form where you can add/update details about your project. We will then handle the request and get it added to our page.


Some primary goals for us are education and enabling builders and we are very happy to partner up on these things to help the community. One example is our Discord events, such as "Tea with Taiko", where we can go over some educational topic or product walkthrough to further help enable our community. If you have any fun ideas, please reach out!

Additional support

If you have any questions or are in need of any support to integrate Taiko, please reach out. We understand there may be more complex scenarios or questions in your integration, so we are here to help.

You can send a message in one of the Discord support channels, contact a DevRel Engineer directly on Discord with the @devrel tag, or by email: