πŸ“€ Enable a proposer

Enable a proposer

This guide will help you enable your Taiko node as a proposer.



Open .env file in simple-taiko-node

nano .env

Set environment variables to enable a proposer


Do not use a private key that is valuable to you. The private key will be stored in plain text in the .env file, and this is not secure. There is a real risk of losing your assets. You should only use a test account.

Set the following environment variables to enable your node as a proposer:

  • Set ENABLE_PROPOSER to true
  • Set L1_PROPOSER_PRIVATE_KEY to the private key of your L1 account (with balance) who will send TaikoL1.proposeBlock transactions
  • Set L2_SUGGESTED_FEE_RECIPIENT to the address of your L2 account who will be the tx fee beneficiary of the L2 blocks that you proposed

Set a prover market prover (needed if not running a prover locally)

Doing this is optional if you are already running a local prover. See enable a prover for more information on how to set that up. By default the proposer will select your local prover to provide bonds for the proposed blocks.

If you are not running a local prover, then you can specify a prover from the prover market by overriding the default value for:


Verify proposer logs

Run this command to verify you have some proposer logs:

docker compose logs -f taiko_client_proposer | egrep "Propose transactions succeeded"

You should see a log if you have proposed a block: πŸ“ Propose transactions succeeded.

You can check all commands to see proposer logs in the node runner manual.



View the Node troubleshooting reference for help on any common error codes / issues.